Monday, July 18, 2011

women at work

Often the question is asked.."how long do your hens live?" and "how many years will they lay eggs?"

We don't know the answer. Our girls start with us as day old peepers, with full beaks and no growth hormones. They get new spots to chow down on they are under one of the apple trees (yes, we will trim the suckers off just as soon as those hens move out) scratching and eating every bug in sight. While our fruit is not the prettiest, and there is an occasional critter inside..we offer them to our CSA members with that bit of information, and most people take the risk. Truly organic, with no sprays of any kind, the apples are delicious and we cannot wait for them to ripen. Arkansas Black is this tree..a keeping apple..wrapped in newspaper and placed in the right spot we can eat for months..and the flavor deepens as they age..oh yeah..

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