Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what the farmer eats and sells, egg edition

Every day of the year we collect eggs. Sometimes in the dead of winter there are no eggs, but we still look every day. At this time of year we collect a couple of times each day, and then pack into cartons the eggs we take to market or hand out to our CSA customers. Except for Jeanne, who brings a basket we fill waste.
Part of the job we do is sorting the broken, dirty, tiny and just not pretty eggs from the beautiful ones. Homer says the farmer eats the scratch and dent models of everything grown..gashed potatoes, lettuce full of holes. Eggs that have been nicked or clicked against another. And the little tiny eggs, called maiden eggs, that indicate a new hen is starting to lay. There are 3 in the bowl, and when opened they will only have egg whites, no yolks at all. Their first few eggs are practice ones: tiny and unable to be fertilized. Another in the bowl is perfect, just leftover from the 14 dozen packed and taken to market last night.
Hoping that breakfast are a few knicked potatoes, a couple of cracked eggs, and a fried green tomato or two. Tastes like summer!

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