Friday, July 29, 2011

to serve

Years ago when we first joined Boy Scout Troop 792 we met a group of great guys. Homer had the joy of camping, traveling and working with this group of young men for years. We witnessed them grow and mature, become Eagle Scouts after planning and executing projects of complexity and generally enjoyed their company.

Two went off to college in different spots: Gavi to University of Maryland, Tom to Notre Dame. Reports from their parents indicated that each of them was doing well, adjusting to college life, maintaining their GPA's, still involved in serivce work, interesting internships, travels abroad..a good life for these young men.

Earlier this year, at Kyle's Eagle Scout induction, a chance to catch up with both sets of parents. And a strange thing happened..we heard the same story from each about their kids plans. Um..did you know that the other is planning the same thing? And how about it, both Tom and Gavi are in the same officer training class in Quantico, VA! Getting worked to the bone no doubt. And based on what we had the joy to see as they grew up, they will each make great commanding officers. And lawyers too! Proud of these young men.

of course, their hair was longer in high school!

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