Saturday, July 9, 2011 match for turkeys

In some parts of the world thistles are considered a beautiful plant. Not generally in the United States, where it is an invasive non-native. Large, thorny, persistent, pervasive. There have been laws enacted in many states where neighbors can trespass to pull them out of other peoples farms/yards. A truly hated weed by vegetable growers, orchard keepers, cattle farmers..maybe goats can eat them ok..

On our farm the only animal that consumes thistle before it grows out and flowers are the turkeys. And when their pen is moved the thistle is the first thing they seek out and devour. They even fight over who gets to eat them. This year there are no where near as many thistles as last year. The finches like  to eat the seeds, and the goldfinch is such a beautiful bird we love to have them here. But the turkeys still get the majority of the plant.

Here is the before:
The turkeys make an incredible amount of noise in the morning before their pens get moved. They tear up so much grass that by early morning they are ready for a fresh patch, and they let it be known that it is time to move! Right now it is quiet, but 20 minutes ago this was it:
And the aftermath of the time turkeys are on a spot, usually less than 24 hours and it looks like:
We had a powerful rainstorm last night. Our ccement pond overflows. The rock in the middle of the pond sits ontop of an old milk crate. We discovered more algae growing in the pond than we wanted, so bought feeder goldfish to consume it. Then the ducks ate all the little goldfish. Then we added the milk crate and the fish are fine. Knowledge is always evolving here!

Stumps's son gets married today, so we are getting ready to see Jerry & Felisha get hitched. Beautiful day for a wedding!

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