Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sunflowers or support?

Our tomato varieties are indeterminate, which means they grow and produce tomatoes right until the first frost. We will put the side up on our hoophouse in October to keep the frost off, but between now and then the heirloom varities we start from seed will just grow and grow. Cages and trellis of all sorts are all over the farm. Where we planted sunflowers in March (and have taken to market a number of times) the stalks are still there, and still producing flowers. We are using them for additional tomato support!

We love sunflowers, and the bright, big, yellow flowers attract all kinds of pollinators to the farm, helping enhance the number of vegetables we get.

Sunflowers shade our water barrels. And the hoophouse looks smaller with these massive plants growing.
along with zinnia, marigolds, cosmos and asters..these sunflowers are over 10 feet tall, and have not yet flowered, can't wait to see the foot across blooms!

and a few more just spring up in the grass..all season long we take sunflowers to market for folks to use as decoration in their homes. Some of the flowers do not look good enough..hit by hail, pecked at by a crow..so we feed them to the chickens..and a few fall or get missed and then grow on their own..much to our delight! And the bees too, there is always a bee or two on every sunflower.

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