Wednesday, July 13, 2011

skinny dog

We adopted Sandi, the Jack Russel terrier, in February 2011. Weighing in at 11 pounds, she is a busy dog. Her alternate name is Rattlesnake, as she will nip at you if you try to touch long as you leave her be and don't reach out to her all is well. She spends much of the day outside running, searching, and doing what terriers do..searching for rodents and getting rid of them.  It is a full time job patrolling our 12+ acres. And in case you were wondering, she eats more than 10% of her body weight every day: in raw meat, eggs, yogurt..and her favorite, baked goods. She is always hopeful and asks for a crust of bread or a bite of a cookie..

She is neither yippy or yappy, she is housebroken and will go to the door and whine to be let out, she sleeps in her own bed, not ours, and is generally a great companion. She listens well and spends most of the day running or sleeping. She has earned the name Kangaroo with this move:

and she spends lots of time inside our patch of woods. The rock fence that was installed there a long time ago serves as housing for a lot of critters, and she is constantly checking to see what else she can find in there. Turtles are about on this part of the property, and their odd movements..sometimes moving and then closing up..cause her to bark with excited yips, but just a couple. She does not go on and on, and we like that! Not a beagle or coon hound, for certain.
Sandi is 9 years old and many times Jacks live to be 15-18 years old. We figure as busy as she is, she will last us a good long time. Thanks to the folks who raised her and gave her up when they relocated to northern Michigan, we are loving this little dog, she is a constant source of amusement.

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