Friday, July 8, 2011

shoulder high

At market we have seen corn for sale..and the vendors tell us they grow it local on their own farms. We are suspect, as we criss cross this area, driving past many farms with lots of corn one around here has corn ready! We all have corn planted, but I've not seen one farm that can pick anything yet.
We are growing a few different varieties of corn, including the only hybrid we have..Silver Queen Corn..not genetically modified but hybridized beginning 30+ years ago to produce sweet white corn, but not roundup ready! Corn hates the cold and loves the heat, most take between 2-3 months to grow and produce corn, hence my suspicions about "local" was mighty cold here 9 weeks ago, we had to start later than that! We do grow beans and squash in with them, and all are looking quite full with flowers all over.

We will have beans soon! The bees have been all over them, all different sorts of bees.

Plums full on too, we don;t spray so there are small creatures in some..
and the aisle/walkway between the beans and one of the corn patches. Now that drip tape is installed Homer has the time to plant all over the farm, and has done so. The bees are going crazy..

We keep adding supers and they keep filling them up! Adding more tomorrow afternoon..

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