Friday, July 1, 2011

no humidity

There must be humidity here but it is certainly not like we are used to having. Normally by 4th of July humidity is unbearable, at least 80% if not more. Not certain what it has been these past few weeks, but the weather has been seriously gorgeous here. And the forecast is for another week of cool nights and warm days. The result is that much has been done every day on the farm, the animals and plants are growing beautifully and we are eating the best meals, with food from the farm most times.

Thanksgiving turkey eating bugs on the cucumber plants..we get help sometimes in bug removal.

lettuce love this cool night time weather

the beans are at the top of the trellis..Homer will add more trellis to beans and cucumbers tomorrow.

buckwheat and hubbard squash will have all the bees out in another week.

the cucumbers also have toads living at their roots, but we hate to disturb them..they eat massive amounts of bugs so we provide water and let them go at it!

Sandi is excited about the first bed of watermelons coming in.

tomato babies..we could have fried green tomatoes but that would cut down on the first red ones!

tomato plants of all sizes are filling the hoophouse up.

Homer planted just this week in the pig divot garden, and melons/squash are up already.

and more of the turkeys,,

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