Tuesday, July 5, 2011

misty morning

We grow pasture, and lots of it. A neighbor mows walkways for us, from the house to the very back of the property, and Homer gives him a chicken and some of whatever is growing in exchange. This portion of walkway is bordered by the pastures we will use this winter for Sybil, our milk cow. Beyond are trees and beyond that are the hills behind our property.
The turkeys, which we grow for Thanksgiving, are looking beautiful. This Holland White is strutting for us this early morning.
The Toulouse geese with their little ones. The light colored one is beginning to feather out in grey feathers. The duck is looking just like the other 2 ducklings. And the dark colored little one is just beginning to grow out real feathers.

We grow open pollinated, heirloom variety vegetables. Which includes this green stripe tomato. Today we wonder, how do we know it is ripe? Not yet, but if it goes from green to green..hmm..

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