Monday, July 4, 2011

kids and farm

We get to meet up with the nicest families..seems folks that are into farming and fresh local food are also raising kids that we enjoy! This long weekend we have had the pleasure of:

Denzel & Tiombe's only daughter, Nekhu, trying out Claire's shades.

Tim and Ann's oldest, inside the blueberry netting, picking from the bushes. He pronounces them "fooberries" and loves them. Then took his mother and younger brother by the hand and lead them on a tour of the entire farm, explaining how everything works. Also helped getting the Duckingham Palace constructed.

And Camille, one of the cutest babies that visits us each week at Farmer On The Square, makes contact with a pigs nose.

We celebrate our own independence today..from mortgage and car payments and ugly commutes..and look forward to more independence when the solar panels go up, and we sell utilities back to Med-Ed.

Enjoy your independence, whatever it might be from! Mike will visit us today with bee supers he picked up for us this week, chicken is soaking in buttermilk, ready to be made into fried chicken..potatoes just dug from the garden, and a mess of greens too..a beautiful 4th of July.

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