Friday, July 22, 2011

hot lettuce?!

Lettuce bolts when the temperatures gets hot. Not that it pulls up roots and runs off, but it does stop growing leaves and instead begins to set flowers that will quickly turn to seed. The open pollinated heirloom varieties we grow means that we can keep those seeds and grow new lettuce from them the next growing cycle. 

Homer is always experimenting with ways of growing. Since we start everything here it is easy to try many different methods and observe in what conditions our vegetables thrive and fail. This week Homer decided to add lettuce under the shade of the cucumber plants that are currently growing to the ceiling! The cucmbers will provide shade for the lettuce, and he planted in an elevated tub so that air can circulate in the hoophouse and harvesting the lettuce in mid-September will be easy on the back.
This afternoon we will be at the Charles Street Friday Market. Homer, Denzel and Jamy will combine forces to provide a water misting system to keep us all cool. Should be a beautiful evening in the city!

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