Wednesday, July 27, 2011

double the fun

Sybil arrived on the farm pregnant. She was with calf, and it showed. As milk cows go she is more on the petite side..compared to the massive Holsteins our little Jersey girl is just a half pint. And as a 3/4 cow, she is a bit defective..of the 4 spots where milk can be made, she only has 3. Something happened on the way to that first calf that made things go awry..

We are supposed to be milking her daily, bonding with her. Quickly Homer realized that milking by hand takes time..more time than is available right now. And the farmer's wife realized that $1,500 for a milking system for a single cow is not in the budget this month..real estate taxes, homeowners insurance and business insurance all come due this month. So new tech toys/gadgets are off the list right now. We Must Be Adults.

August marks the time we will "breed back" Sybil. A dude with a turkey baster visits the farm. And in 9 moths (if all goes well) Sybil will gift us with another mimi me. Between now and then we should get the individual milker and make use of all she is producing. For now, she is making enough milk to keep the 2 smallest calves happy..and she is keeping the milk going the old fashioned way:

gads they knock her about!

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