Sunday, July 31, 2011

cool on Friday nights

Every Friday night until Thanksgiving you can find me at the Charles Street Friday Night farmers market. On West Lanvale at Charles Street, this little market is regularly gaining in food traffic, vendors and fun. And goodness is it hot at this time of year..even with the gusts of wind from the trains going by below us. We stay cool in a couple of ways. Kevin McKay gets duck eggs from us weekly, and provides a taste of ice cream that he makes from those eggs. Delicious, interesting flavors, he is ruining my ability to eat any other ice cream. The other is with the lemonades squeezed out by Gayce, Denzel & Tiombe Mitchell's oldest child..he makes a refreshing Mason jar of lemonade, always with a little something else in it: strawberries in season, herbs or another fruit. Here he is working the lemon press, new this year, he purchased with his lemonade earnings:

He is a pint sized barista, when he gets all the ingredients in the shaker and mixes them up it is clear to see this kid is a mover and shaker!

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