Thursday, July 21, 2011

cool in poison ivy

Blogger was fighting me this morning, so there has been a great delay in posting while other activities take place on the farm. It's hot, humid, sticky..we are placing wagers on just how many showers can be taken in a day.

Homer has been hit with poison ivy, as usual it comes and goes all summer. Last couple days have been an impressive amount coverage on his body. Liz, who makes soaps and is a fellow vendor on Tuesday nights in Lauraville, offered to put together a prototype healing poison ivy kit for Homer to use. That got a big yes from us!

It is a combination of honey/oatmeal soap, tea tree oil, green clay and a few other lovely smelling things. The green clay sticks to the skin, does not really flake off, and along with everything else slows down the itch and spread of nasty poison ivy. Once Liz has this for sale we will keep on the farm all the time, as using hormones to combat the itch is not really an option..we have poison ivy for months at a time!

Watering for all critters, human and livestock.


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