Thursday, July 14, 2011

across the crowd

Sometimes we get offers of livestock. People realize they cannot quite keep up with all they have, and want to find a larger space. Or they get tired of the daily maintenance required. Sometimes animals are just too loud, in the case of this Phyllis Diller look alike, how was noisy at their old home but is now quiet..

If it turns out to be a rooster we will find another use for it!

Also starting to get crowded now are the pigs. We have multiple pens for them, and while we start them all off in early spring all together to help keep each other warm, by midsummer we split them into multiple pens. They work to clear out our fence lines and do an amazing job "hogging" the fields. Here is how long it takes to eat through the stuff I pick up at Belvedere Square for them:
Under the hoophouse is getting quite crowded. Next year Homer plans on shifting the location of our plantings to be right underneath the tears in the roof where the rain comes slow down the growth of weeds. This photo was taken as all the weeds were pulled out and taken to the pigs..they eat every bit of them.

What is left are tomato and cucumber plants. The cucumbers are running to the ceiling, we hope to need a ladder to pick them!

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