Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wind damage

Sunnyside Farm is in a beautiful spot most days of the year. Breezy and wide open, the fields are a sight we love to see.

And then there are the days when the wind is 60+ miles per hour, the skies open up to unleash torrential, driving rains or the snow drifts into 6 feet high mounds. And our out of commision, set to the side for the winter, moveable pens look like this:

The winds peel the lid back. and pull the roof off. The wheel systems crack into little bits. Sometimes the wood breaks, or the chicken wire gets holes in it. And the watering system always needs refurbishing, as the hose clogs and the bucket holder snaps off. Here is a pen back in working order, with the help of Jerry Schnick. Jerry has been a huge help in every large and little way for Homer..he has even worked a farmers market for us when I needed to get to a funeral. Fencing, planting, bed building, pen repairs..whatever needs done Jerry is a willing participant.

It just needs a bucket on top to hold the water for the in pen dispenser. And some poultry inside.

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