Saturday, June 11, 2011

where Homer sits

We have 5 bedrooms in this house. 5 funny little bedrooms, 2 of which have sloped ceilings and dormers, perfect if you are under 5 feet tall. Too bad Homer and I are both almost 6 feet tall!

Our bedroom has a queen size bed in it and nothing else. Why? There is no room for anything else. So Homer uses one of the other, sloped ceiling rooms for his closet. There is room for a twin bed and a shelf for clothes. And a window seat built in. It is covered in a funny, flocked white plastic. Not really attractive or comfortable.

So we asked our pal Dan Kreitman to make a cushion for this area. This way when Homer sits down to put his socks on it is a comfortable place. And who does not love a window seat? A few years ago we found some cool dawn of the dead fabric, and that is what Homer wants for pillows in there. So Claire and I will get to the sewing machine to add those. Dan took measurements we gave him (never visited the house) we agreed on a fabric, and last night brought the cushion to me while I was at market. And it fits perfectly. Like it was made for it. Beautiful job Dan, Homer and I thank you.

Claire and I picked up a crazy cool chair off the side of the road a week or so ago. The wood is beautifully carved, the seat back is like an accordion, the seat itself nice sized. Dan does not know it yet, but that is his next project with us..

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