Wednesday, June 22, 2011

our hens go to MICA

Ryan and Fritz carried the 4 hens to the lawn in front of the Brown Building, Maryland Institute College of Art.

Here is Fritz..sorry, blurry but it was an action shot..opening up where the girls will spend the night. Elevated and under lock and key. Also guards on the plaza.

Ryan depositing a hen.

Their nighttime spot, Fritz locks them in there, in the morning he lets down the gangplank and down they go onto the grass.

One of the pens.
Both of the pens, and the Brown building (also part of the Fox building too) behind. Fountains..these girls are living large!

As part of his art installation the birds will move around the green grass. The pens are honeycomb shaped, here is what the artist, Fritz Horstman, writes about his design:

"I'm going to have two small versions of chicken tractors moving around MICA's front yard.  They are each hexagonal, so the pattern that will develop will be vaguely honeycomb-like.  Each hexagon-coop will have two chickens in residence.  Over the course of about two weeks I'll move them every two or three days, and so will have a total of approximately twelve marks made."

So 4 of our hens will spend the next few weeks in the city. Hope they don't cop an attitude when they return to the boonies..

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