Monday, June 20, 2011

murderer, caught

Sunday morning Homer found about 30 of our 3 week old broilers killed in their pen. A small hole had been dug just outside the pen, and it led under and inside the chicken pen. Most predators will take away what they kill to eat at another time..they stock up their dens. A raccoon will leave a different trail, so we knew it was not raccoon, rat or fox. There was no question the murderer would return..those chickens are good eats!

So Homer set the have-a-heart trap out last night. Nothing in it, just set right next to the pen with the door open, in hopes that what was out there would walk right in. And amazingly enough, it worked!

The zoom was needed. Neither Homer nor Ryan would get any closer. And thankfully the dog did not catch it.
Yup, its a skunk! No plans on any of us having a heart and going near that trap until..well, we don't really know. We have heard a skunk can spray with distance and accuracy, and that is a theory or fact we do not want to test.
And Ryan has learned a few things in his first 12 hours at Sunnyside Farm:
1. He might not take up beekeeping
2. When Homer asks to go get the have-a-heart holding the skunk, it is ok to say no
3. Chickens are easier. Here he is as the chicken whisperer. The laying hens escape their enclosure sometimes, and nothing brings them back like the sight of an orange 5 gallon bucket they think is full of feed..

Time now for weeding and reducing grass growth in the garden..pulling bugs too..

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