Tuesday, June 28, 2011

landing strip and chickory

We use the pigs for clearing land. Since we do not own a tractor this seems like a great way to get the work done, and we get the best pork ever out of it! The growth of weeds, shrubs, grass, clover, and small trees is about waist high. Homer rolls the pen over and they munch through all the growth and down to bare ground in one day. Soon this pen of 5 pigs will need to be split, and we will have groups of 2 keeping the fence line and key lines clear all over the farm. right now it looks like they are building a landing strip out there:

Meanwhile, the turkeys have uncovered a cornerstone of an old structure. Based on the fieldstone fence that is in our woods, there have been people on this property for many years..PA and these parts were settled in the 1700's..we do not know the long time history of this parcel of land, only that our house was built in the 1940's..but who knows what was going on here prior to that? We will ask our neighbors, and check courthouse records in the winter time.

Chickory is not, I believe, a native to the U.S. but we certainly get a bumper crop of it. And the bees are on it every day too. When people ask about the flavor of our honey..well, it is everything growing out there!

We are back in the swing with chicken, and will have good sized birds at market this week. In mid-April when Homer injured his back I had a mis-hap with a shipment of chicks..now that Homer is fully the farmer again, I pick bugs off the potato and squash and cucumber plants, he tends the livestock. That works out better for all.

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