Sunday, June 26, 2011

from Tennessee to Newberrytown

Homer's sister Pat visited the farm with 2 of her grandchildren. Sam and Alex, sisters, and the daughter of our nephew David and his wife Shelly, surprised us with their request.

Sam said milking a cow was on her bucket list. I did not know that high school aged kids had bucket lists..I must be late to the party, as I barely have one now! Alex said she wanted to milk a cow too. Sybil was nice enough to have her calf just in time to be ready to be milked, and milk her they did. By hand, as we have not yet invested in the equipment to milk one cow. While the math for spending the money makes sense..we would likely get a couple of gallons from her a day.. we will pay taxes and insurance first, and use the old fashioned hand method until then!

Here are the girls with their bit of milk from Sybil.

in a mason jar, of course!

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