Thursday, June 16, 2011

creepy crawlies

warning, don't read if spiders, snakes and bees upset you!
It has been beautiful weather here. Cool nights, comfortable days, no humidity, little rain. A great opportunity to overwork and end up with sore muscles and screaming head aches from not drinking enough water. Claire and I spent a few hours picking potato beetles and their larva off of 8 rows of potato beds. We discovered the beetles really love the Austrian Crescent, as the smaller, tighter, slightly curled leaves make it easier for the bugs to hide. Then to market, and back home and realization that not enough water had been consumed. The massage therapist at Farmers on the Square informed us that dehydration has the same effect as a hangover from drinking alcohol..and it sure felt like it. Drink yer H2O!

Found on the door of the truck:
and today's project, building more boxes for the overcrowded bees:
Warning!! Don't open the video if you do not like snakes!

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