Saturday, June 4, 2011

Claire, on the farm

Claire had planned to spend the summer in her own place in College Park. After beating the streets and applying for jobs since moving there in January, she still had not lined anything up last week. Not on a lease with her place, she was able to move out and save 3 months rent..not an insubstantial amount of money! And is now on the farm. Sort of. As evidenced by this platter of blondies she made and are now just waiting to be eaten. She will be here when not working at Atwaters Belvedere..for about 11 weekends this summer. Then it is back to College Park! Oh, and within a few days of moving out of her place we received notice that she has received a Pell Grant, which greatly eases our finances. Yay! This morning we made strawberry jam, and tonight she will crash at Peggy's in Baltimore, after working a shift today. And working again tomorrow.

So if a weeek end house sitter is needed in the vicinity of Belvedere Square, Claire is your gal. Provided there are no cats, she still has that deadly allergy to them..


  1. It is good to hear that Claire is doing well. The Pell Grant is a wonderful thing. Tell her congratulations on earning it. Enjoy your summer together!

  2. I'll pass your word on to her, thank you. We are so proud of her, and cherish this time together, once she has a real job things will be different..



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