Thursday, June 2, 2011

chickens mow our grass

With no tractor on our property, we count on our cattle to keep the grass low for us. At this time of year the herd is comprised of smaller calves, who will grow all summer on this beautiful, lush pasture. But they are not able to keep up with the growth of grass yet! Pulling the chicken pens over this shoulder height field is a real challenge, and is a test on the knees. But the chickens clearly love it, look at the path the daily move of their pens have made this spring:

What a distinct mowing line the chickens in this pen have made! If you have never seen a chicken eat a blade of grass it is quite a sight..our birds have their entire beak and plenty of room to roam and scratch in the ground. Once a day Homer moves this pen, and it is dramatic the difference where they have been..


  1. Hey Dru-

    This is David - I visited the farm with Glenn, Jane and Pierce last week. What an amazing place! Just a thought - have you ever tried just whacking the tall grass down a bit with a scythe or swizzle stick or something before rolling the chicken tractor over? Might make is easier to get it moving.

    Hope to see you all again soon.


  2. that's funny, Homer just got a machete and is using it! Like hacking through the Amazon!



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