Tuesday, June 7, 2011

36 sisters, and a baby calf too

Wow, things are happening here! Homer planted the native corn, beans and squash together in one bed..a method practiced by Native Americans. He calls it the 36 sisters rather than the 3 Sisters, as things are popping up all over.
We grow corn that is different than 95+% of corn grown in this country..they are old varieties that depend on old style defense mechanisms..no chemical sprays that kill every bug and every other plant but the corn here!
And another native, blueberry, has the first berry go from pink to blue today. with 60 high bush plants in the ground we hope to have berries for 6 weeks or so.
And yesterday Sybil gave birth. We tried to give her privacy, but it was fascinating to watch, and amazing that unassisted that calf is, early this morning, doing this:

time to weed, push the motorless lawn mower around the garden paths, and get ready for this afternoon.

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