Wednesday, May 11, 2011

when the well runs dry

Late yesterday afternoon Homer went to turn a spigot on. And nothing came out, not a drip of water. He went back to the house..on this 13 acres we have just one well, one pump, and it all starts at the house. We use water for ourselves, for the livestock, and at this time of year for all the little seeds we put into the ground. Simple things but critically important things. Gil, our water guy is a neighbor and has worked on the well and water system here for decades. He stopped in about 10PM last night, looked over the system real quick and told us it is either a wire or a pump..but the pump has to be pulled from 250 feet below to figure out which it is.
This photo is of the three 300 gallon tanks that are in our basement. The previous owner had them installed so there would be a back up of water if the pump went up. We ran the tanks dry yesterday. But our rain barrels..eighty 50 gallon drums that collect rain water off the hoophouse still have lots of water in them. So today Homer sets up a set of hoses and buckets to get water to everything that needs it, digs out the dirt that has accumulated on top of the cement hatch for the well pump, and we await Gil's arrival. And have decided that even if the issue today is only a wire, we need to replace the pump now, while it is cool and not so intensely hot day and night. Better to prepare for the heat wave we know will be here by the end of June.
And today is the first farmers market in Carlisle..Farmers on the Square is from 3-7PM today. I'll be packing up eggs and heading over there. Just won't be standing close to many shower today, ick.

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