Monday, May 9, 2011

sweet potato slips

In the mail for us on Saturday were 2 things: an envelope and a beat up box. Thanks to Kirsten at Joshua Farms, who introduced us to Amos Beiler, an Amish farmer in Christiana, PA, we have our sweet potatoes. I've not met Amos, but suspect that we might run into him at one of the sustainable agriculture events we attend. I ordered sweet potato slips from him last fall, 50 each of 2 varieties, one ready early the other late. Raised organically. I sent him a check for the amount, along with a note for what we want. He sends a post card confirming the order. And then this weekend, months later, our slips arrive in a beat up box. Homer gets them right into the ground, each one next to where the drip tape lets out water. And in the envelope? A handwritten note from Amos, apologizing for not charging us shipping. The note is for the exact amount on the box, $7.95. He sent the slips along without the payment for postage. Today I am sending his check along, the slips are settling in the compost bed nicely, and I am thankful to support a business as his. I know where I'll get them next year too! Quite different than my experience a Wegmans, receipt in hand, where I tried to return a defective scale.

And mother's day was yesterday. Had plans to post pictures of my mother and stepmother, but the scanner does not work with our software update. Suffice to say that I would not be here without the 2 of them. And a bunch of other mothers thrown in their too! My brother Art was here visiting, so happy mothers day wishes from him, Homer, Claire, Matt and Randy too, along with others. Happy to have a village, and happy mothers day to all..we all had one!

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