Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rob Dacko: morel chef

Rob Dacko, a chef who worked in Philadelphia before moving back to the Harrisburg area, visited Sunnyside Farm today. Neither Homer nor I have ever cooked morels before, so we offered to share our bounty with Rob if he showed us what to do. And now we know why people keep their morel gathering sites a secret..they were really delicious! We sure hope more appear!
He cut them up, removed most of the stem, leaving them in large pieces. Heated oil in the cast iron skillet and put them into the hot pan. Cooked until they were crisp.
We were happy to share eggs and mushrooms with Rob and his crew of cooks. Nick dredged some of the mushrooms in flour, leaving more of the stem on, then into the hot skillet. Also wonderful.
A full pan of fried eggs, a pot of hard boiled eggs, and we all go back to work. Next time the morels pop here on the farm we are going to enjoy them, thanks to our personal lessons in identification and preparation!


  1. I remember eating morels in Maine. I had never had the opportunity again. Maybe a trip to Sunnyside farm is in order.



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