Friday, May 20, 2011

potatoes popping

Everyday we plant something. In the basement under lights, directly into the vegetable patch, or right into flower beds. It was potatoes a few weeks ago, and last weekend as well. We have 300+ pounds of seed potatoes, so just after frost free date the first beds went in, and more weekly so we have plenty all summer. The ones on the south side have all popped, full of leaves and healthy growth. Homer adds more compost to them every week, just like with the asparagus. Both vegetables do best when buried on a regular, frequent basis.

And a closeup of Austrian Cresent:
The asparagus gets more compost too, as well as a more permanent mulch. Because we will not pick for a couple more years, we want to do all we can to keep the weeds down. No fun weeding around things you can't eat! So left to their own for years to come, Homer used the feed bags as a ground cover on the pathways, added hay on top. The feed bags to block weeds, the hay to make it look a little nicer. We will see if it turns out to be too slippery. Sandi likes it too.
Turkey shipment received yesterday. That makes it easy to calculate how many weeks from now until Thanksgiving, just count each Thursday!

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