Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Homie cam

After 2 years my original iphone died. Just seized up and would not work anymore, nothing at all. As we use our iphones all day every day and have no wall phones anymore getting a replacement was imperative. So 2 new iphones were purchased and Homer and I are both connected to the world.

The updates on the iphone 4 are awesome, the camera is much improved and the video option is such fun! Well maybe not for the drunk girl at University of Maryland whose court case will include her attacks on bouncers and cops caught on video by her fellow bar mates at 2:15AM on a Tuesday morning..

Homer has constructed his own holder for the video/camera function of the phone. Most mornings he does the chores alone, and here is what is involved in taking care of the peepers in the brooder. First, his Homie cam home made holder:
That's a portable fence post, usually used for stringing up electric wire to keep livestock where they should be, he has repurposed, with this result:

And the final, important act, as the little birds need warmth in such a chilly and damp spring.

1 comment:

  1. I lovvveee it. Way to pull a MacGyver, Homer :)

    (Also, true story about the UofM student for those curious. NO, not this student)



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