Sunday, May 15, 2011

First day of vegetables, St Tims at the farm

Saturday marks the first day of our vegetable and egg distribution. It looks like we will have chicken next week. So lots of folks traveled to the farm today to get their vegetable shares, walk about the farm, hold chickens, and in the case of one very brave 6 year old girl, climb to the top of the ladder and zoom down the zipline. Here is what we had today:
This is a photo of the share boxes at the hoophouse. Homer picks them and then wheels them up to the next project..the 1947 IH flatbed truck that needs restoration, serves as an easy pick up point, right in the shade:
The girls from St. Timothy's in Stevenson, MD have been so much fun. There are enough of them that weeding the hoophouse took less than a half an hour, getting 3 beds of potatoes planted..including rides in the back end of the pickup truck, shoveling compost in, building the beds, took less than an afternoon. And then dinner, and of course a trip out for ice cream..we all rode the bus..
second scoop free for each of us because it was raining!

And then back to Sunnyside Farm for a burning, guitar playing and singing, and a little hand jive too..
and some seriously good sleeping occurred after all that!

We are so honored that Abigail Cooley asked us to have the students here for the weekend, and that they all look like they are enjoying themselves..and all agree that working in slightly overcast weather is better than sunshine, and those free scoops of ice cream were all right.


  1. It's beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing your home and stories with us. The kid in me loved digging in the dirt, petting chickens and tickling pig noses. I'm sure I'll be ruminating on the weekend for a while. The students are sharing their stories already.

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