Tuesday, May 10, 2011

eat your veggies

Over the winter Homer experimented with growing vegetables inside the hoophouse, outside the hoophouse, under floating row covers and without covers. He planted seeds in November, also garlic corms.
The testing has worked, and the results are vegetables for our CSA customers, beginning this weekend. A preview of some of what Sunnyside farm will put in the box this week:

Potatoes, inside the hoophouse. Had rowcovers on them for a while, now flowering. They are not ready until the greens die back, so it will be a few weeks. Homer keeps adding soil to the bottom, keeps the plant producing more potatoes.
Salsify..what the heck? They serve this root vegetable at Woodberry Kitchen, and we liked it so much we had to grow some too! Carrot or parsnip like, WK roasted it in the oven with butter until tender, added a few herbs (there might have been some butter involved too) and it was delicious!
Ragged Mustard..we use this as a general green, more on the bitter than sweet side of the palate. We either chop it up, then drop it into a hot pan that has olive oil and garlic cloves already heated up in it, or add to a soup right at the end so it wilts and becomes part of the garnish/flavoring with out overpowering the other vegetables in there.
Kale..we keep hearing from people about kale chips, cooked in the oven. We have not tried them yet, but plan to google that term and implement what sounds like a great idea. Crunchy vegetables? I'm there!
Rainbow Swiss Chard just tastes like summer to me. We eat it on a regular basis, in the old school cast iron skillet, onion, garlic, oil/butter..watch it wilt and eat it piping hot.
French Breakfast Radish is one of our favorites. Even if they get big, still tender and sweet. Toss in a salad or slice super thin with a few small bits of onion or shallot, olive oil, splash of balsamic vineger, pepper and salt, a very refreshing side for any meal. Or wipe the dirt off and eat them bite by bite.

Since we have shown so many photos of empty beds, we figured it was time for a few photos of what is ready now. Yum!


  1. Kale chips are good! I experimented with them over the weekend - toss with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and bake.



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