Friday, May 6, 2011

drip tape down, visitors with gifts

22 vegetable beds, in and with drip tape on!! Homer also makes the plant markers: painted orange, green and yellow and written on with a sharpee, these stakes tell us what we have in each area. There are 6 beds waiting for additional plantings, but the balance have seeds or things already growing in them. With the help of the pigs and the humans Jerry and Gavin, the aisle ways are clear (pigs remove most everything, and the huge grass roots get removed by human power) so the beds are easy to get to. I hand watered today after our visitors left around lunch time. Homer spent the afternoon setting up the water line, the drip tape so that every plant gets water right next to them. In theory, water goes to the vegetables and not the weeds, but we will grow weeds too as the summer progresses!
And a photograph of our smallest calf on the farm. We just love how the Jerseys look against the dark green spring grass. And the herd of cattle are loving the grass too, they are gorgeous out there. Night times are warming up so the herd is out in the field, away from the shelters..they just don't really need the shelter from cold wet rain anymore, and look very happy eating the green growth, or hanging around in the high grass chewing cud.
This morning we had a few visitors to the farm. Kirsten from Joshua Farm, an urban farm in Harrisburg brought along her adorable 10 month old Chava. And Sunyl visited with his sweet daughter Meera, who is 13 months old. A pair of happy babies on the farm! Kirsten had read that we just started asparagus this spring, and was kind enough to bring some along for us. So dinner tonight? Cornbread and asparagus roasted in the oven! Nothing like fresh asparagus..just fantastic!
No photos of lunch. We only had one breakfast today and were starving by lunch time. We had thawed out a package of our Flat Iron Steak and it was ready for eating at lunchtime today. Along with onions in the pan, we cooked them up, sliced onto bread, added Keswick Creamery Tomme, a little of our Tom Thumb lettuce and well they disappeared before a picture could be taken. On the side, Lady Moon Grape Tomatoes with a bit of balsamic vinegar.
And started under lights today, because we just can't get enough: more bell peppers and eggplant. Last weeks starts are looking good and will have the first set of real leaves in a week or so, and will head outdoors the week after that.
A beautiful spring day on the farm, with great eats, tons of work completed and interesting visitors. Lucky to get to live this life.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the asparagus! Thanks for sharing your time and wisdom with me!



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