Monday, May 23, 2011

Dr. Venable's Saw

When we lived in Towson, we lived in a beautiful neighborhood, Wiltondale. Many houses built in the 30's, 40's, and 50's, established shade trees, well maintained by the homeowners. I joined the branch of the Federated Garden Club for the area, and as a result have had a chance to meet many of the original homeowners..and visit their homes and gardens. Grace Venable was a member, held meetings in her home and visited ours for the annual Christmas party. When she moved with her husband to a retirement community, Dr. Venable offered Homer any of the tools in his garage that Homer could use. I don't recall all that came into our household, but the most memorable was one of those 2 person saws, the kind that have massive sharp teeth and look to be 6 or 7 feet long. Intimidating!

This weekend Homer was determined to get the poultry processing plant up and running. After working all of last year here on the farm, he had decided just how to arrange everything so the lighting is right, the wind is blocked, the sun is not too hot while working. And there is cover from rain. He spotted a couple of dead locust trees in our grove of trees and knew they make the best corner poles: they do not rot, hard as a rock, and last for decades even under ground.

Claire was here on Saturday and held the other end of the saw for one tree felling. Matt Soper and Laura Helm were here Sunday, and got the other timber down. And then helped with the construction part of the job. Here, risking his life, is Matt along with Homer and the tree sawing. I'm pretty certain Dr. Venable would advise against this..

Then, they used that cool saw again to cut the thing into 10' or so sized pieces..

and then, Matt & Laura helped erect the shelter for the 2011 processing plant location. I expect it all to be reconfigured for 2012, so don't get attached to this set up.

that is the plucker in front of them, scalder in the corner of the photo.

Claire left before photos could be taken, getting back to College Park ASAP!

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