Monday, May 16, 2011

a chickens view of Sunnyside Farm

We raise a wide variety of egg layers at Sunnyside Farm. The American Livestock Breed Conservancy lists varieties of domesticated animals that are in danger of going extinct, and we always work to pull from that list: for chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, pigs and cattle. As small farmers, it is easy for us to locate the ones we need.

Since we grow everything out on the field (we don't even have a barn on our property), the varieties have to be hardy ones. Currently, our chickens are a pretty diverse group, resulting in egg cartons that hold a variety of different hued and shaped eggs: white, tan, medium brown, dark brown, light blue, bright green, olive green..the variety makes for a beautiful dozen.

Our girls are also an important part of converting our fields, which last year were overgrown with blackberries, poison ivy, tree of heaven and and an assortment of shrubby, messy stuff. Where we concentrated the livestock the fields have lots of grass and clover growing, but the very back paddocks of the farm are still overgrown with a shrubby mess. This year we have enough hoses to reach all the way back there, so can have all the livestock cycle through easily. First up are the laying hens with their intense ground scratching, leaf and blade consuming ways. After the pigs finish up hogging all the areas were we will plant vegetables and melons this year, they are headed down to spend the summer moving through this brushy area. And next year: grassy fields, cleared vegetable area, cleaned up woods..we continue to make progress toward our vision. Here is a chickens eye view of the paddock they are in right now. Is it any wonder they make the most delicious eggs?

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  1. Such a happy bunch! They seem to be having a picnic. So what if they are meant to be eaten? At least they had a good time. More than we can say about some food factories out there.



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