Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Charles Street Friday Market

Chip Watkins hangs the banner on Charles Street for the new market, Fridays 3-7 at Charles Street and Lanvale, just over the bridge from the train station. Plenty of good eats, drinks, groceries..we had quite a crowd for an overcast first night! Every Friday until the one just after Thanksgiving.
Denzel Mitchell and Mike Singleton of Five Seeds Farm hang the banner at their vegetable stand
Payton Sorah's stand..Agriberry strawberries in the house!
Sandy Miller, Painted Hand Farm, with pasture raised goat and veal
Chez G with bread and sweet baked things

Shane Hughes, Liberty Delight Farm with grass feed beef by the piece
Homer Walden, Sunnyside Farm, sold out of eggs before the night was over
Flying Dog Ale sponsors this night, music provided by them.

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