Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beds Made!

Jerry Schnick has been a huge help to Sunnyside Farm. We met a few years ago at the Hamilton/Lauraville Farmers Market, and he has been helping us on a regular basis. He comes and works side by side with Homer doing everything that needs doing on the farm. He can give a tour of our farm with more knowledge than I can, as he has actually done all of the work!

Last week he visited and help build out the final planting beds that go around the hoophouse. Last year we never got to this, too many obstacles, too much poison ivy, not enough pig power, no real understanding of how much water would be needed..and more reasons: trees had to be cleared inside the hoophouse and outside. Orchard grass with those massive root balls.

And with the help of Jerry, Gavin, Marc, Jakob, Troop 792, St. Tims school, Matt and others, Homer is caught up. Our official frost free date here is May 8. It is advised that we plant corn and melons 2-3 weeks after the last frost date, as they are sensitive and do not like cold. Homer will be planting those this week. Beans are climbing the fence, potatoes are sending up massive greens, everything else looks fantastic. Amazing what a difference a year makes!

And for those of you lovers of things herpetological, here is a turtle that lives in our woods/shrubby areas:


  1. I love hearing your stories of life on the farm. I was just wondering what I could put in my own small 10 x 10' garden now that spinach is finished. I think I'm gonna try corn. Does it needs lots of room?

  2. Hi Dori!
    10 x 10 is perfect for corn, and really a planting of the 3 Sisters! Read this about planting these seeds, order today so that you can harvest for fall.

  3. Thanks Dru! This was a very helpful article. I may try this on a smaller scale.



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