Wednesday, May 4, 2011

bed building

This is the 2nd year we have received a tractor trailer load of compost from Hollins Organic. There is a giant piece built into the back of the trailer that moves forward to push all of the compost out of there and onto our property. Homer's truck, while not the huge pickup trucks you see on the road, is a Chevy S-10..a reasonable size truck. In this photo, next to our spring compost delivery, it looks like the trucks kids play with in dirt piles!
Last year Homer used a push cart to move that much dirt out to the area where we grow. This year we have decided to amend the "no fossil fuels on the property" we try and maintain, and he is pulling the loads out there in the back of the truck. Also last year the weeds and grasses were everywhere. This year, with the help of our army of pigs in moveable pens, the vegetable areas are shaping up beautifully. Yesterday, with Gavin's help, they put in 2 beds and 150 pounds of potatoes. Today many more seeds are going in. Tomorrow a number of seedlings started under lights in the house will go in, and when the area under the lights is open the melons, pumpkins and winter squash will get started. Sunflowers are almost safe to go in the ground too. I've cleared a bed, and once we are certain it will not really chill down at night will start getting sunflowers growing. It can be a thin line between seedlings living and dying at this time of year, so we are being careful.

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