Monday, May 30, 2011

babies swimming

Goslings and ducklings grow at an amazing, sometimes alarming rate. They are able to be swimming in their teeny tiny pond (really a bucket in the ground, filled with clean water every day) with Clover. I love how he turns back for the last little one. Homer actually got that last one out, and Clover did not beat him up too bad over it.

The geese had their flock, the 5 ducks had their flock this morning, 5:30 or so, all off the nest. At first we thought we had lost them all. Then realized that the adult birds teach the little ones to hide and be still, all the little ones are still there.

This morning we added a super to the beehive. We were out there early, hoping to get there before the bees were really awake. When I took off the outer cover Homer was there, when I was breaking the seal on the inner cover Homer said "I think I hear my mother calling me" and went for a quick trip up to the hoophouse. That man hates bees, hates them. an additional super is on the hive, and it looks like I'll need more soon, that hive is busy!

Happy Memorial Day.

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