Wednesday, April 20, 2011

eggs overrun us!

Over the winter this year we had zero eggs. We must have timed the addition of peepers to our flock at the wrong time, there were about 50 that should have started to lay eggs in November. And not one did. Now, all of our hens are laying on a regular, frequent basis. So we are packing into flats and getting them to market by the dozen and by the case!
On rainy days the eggs get muddy from the hens feet. So we need to give them a quick rinse. We used to be able to dry them on the dish drainer..but no more! Too many! Homer built this double decker egg dryer yesterday so we could line them up to dry before packing away. For now we have been able to keep them in the garage, it has been cold enough in there..but next on the list is an additional refrigerator, full size, for eggs. We have used a dorm room sized fridge for years, but now that holds only a days worth of eggs, time to expand our holding capacity!

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