Monday, March 28, 2011

Sandi on the hunt

Sandi, the 9 year old Jack Russell terrier we adopted from an ad on craigslist, is really earning her keep. At sunrise Homer and Sandi head out to the hoophouse to move, water and make certain all the livestock are doing well. Homer and Jerry fenced the area around the gardens with a small gauge opening..this way the geese can't eat each bean as they sprout, and the ducks can't get in to eat the onion and garlic shoots. It is also a tight enough fence to hold the dog while Homer is working. Sandi searches every inch of the area: she hunts for mice, rats, moles, voles and any other furry varmit that might be out there. And when she finds something she quickly dispatches it. And old dog who lived inside and did not really dig has found out she loves to hunt and be an "earth dog", what a Jack Russell is bred to be. Glad to add her to the farm.

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