Friday, March 18, 2011


It is such a beautiful day, predictions are 70 degrees this afternoon! Homer filled the cement pond with water and everyone got in. We purchased an incubator that can hold a variety of sized eggs in it, it is now holding 4 duck eggs and a goose egg. The geese have been walking the farm, searching for a good spot for their nest. Homer made a little hut for them, covered but open to the sun, and the 2 of them built a nest yesterday right inside there. Inside the hoophouse Sandi, the 9 year old Jack Russel who arrived a week ago, is fighting off mice. Every day she has been out there she has caught at least one..we think the population must be dwindling! And Jerry is here helping Homer set all the rain barrells in place, it is just about time to start saving all the water we can. Earlier this week, Jerry helped Homer get a very small gauge fence up around the vegetable garden/hoophouse area. Seems the ducks and some chickens were able to pop right through the larger gauge fence and were eating the tops off the garlic, onions and leeks planted last fall, just sprouting now.

So different from last spring! At this time of year Homer was struggling to get the entire hoophouse clear. While most of the ground ended up clear, there was still lots of stuff in there: left from the previous owner, some of our just looked messy. He has cleaned all of it up, installed spots for tools to hang and has much of the ground area ready to plant. And has a number of things planted already. Vegetable production will be good this year.

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