Tuesday, February 1, 2011


While making dinner a couple week s ago I smelled an odd smell. On investigation, discovered a thin wisp of smoke from between the inside and outside wall of the mud room. I called Homer in, and in the short time it took for him to get in the house smoke was pouring out of the wall! Then flames! A couple of calls to 911..the first "maybe our house has a fire", the second "HELP THERE ARE REAL FLAMES NOW" and our local all volunteer fire department arrived and extinguished. But the smoke damage was extensive enough to require smoke remediation and lots of work crews in the house. Almost done now, but we both have a new found respect for how quickly a fire can grow and take out a house. The fire only affected a small corner of the mud room, but the smoke coated the entire interior of our house. And the firefighters told us the smoke is what usually kills people. Happy we made it out alive and with damage to our property fairly easily corrected. It could have been much worse.


  1. Oh DRU! I am so glad to hear you and Homer are ok. :)

  2. thank you, it was scary! Please add smoke detectors in your home, we realize you can't have too many!

  3. Ironic how your post about being away a couple of times is just next to the one about the fire. It makes you think what would have happened if the fire had started when you were away. Would you have found just a pile of ashes instead of a house at your return?
    Worse yet, what would have happened if you were both asleep when the fire started. I don't want to think what people would have found the next day if the smoke detectors didn't work.

  4. If we had not been here the house would have burned to the ground. If we had been here, asleep, the smoke detectors would have gone off and we would have needed to remember to crawl out of the house. Any way you look at it, we are so happy we were here, awake, sober and alert..because it was still difficult for us to believe it could happen to us! And while we looked at each other "huh?!" the fire was producing massive amounts of smoke!



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