Saturday, May 15, 2010


not what I think of as organic..and why our poultry live on grass, move daily, get a custom blend ration that is free of these kinds of "organic" materials..I mean, what is an "allowed synthetic"?! nothing any of my birds want to eat!

the USDA National Organic
Program is only loosely enforcing animal welfare rules that require organic
poultry farms to allow their birds to have access to the outdoors and
"exhibit their natural behaviors." This has resulted in a wide range of
farms being certified organic; everything from lush green pastures
where hens roam free, scratching in the compost and nibbling greens, to
giant sheds with tens of thousands of grain-fed birds that never see the
light of day.

At its April 2010 meeting, the National Organic Standards Board had an
opportunity to reform organic chicken and egg production by outlawing a
synthetic feed supplement called methionine that confinement poultry
producers have used as a crutch to help them scale up and keep costs down.

Unfortunately, despite thousands of letters from organic consumers who
understand the nutritional and environmental benefits of pasture-based
organic systems and are concerned about animal welfare and synthetics in
organic, the NOSB voted to keep methionine on the list of allowed

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