Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunnyside Farm Update April 2010


Taxes are filed. Beef cattle are in their paddock, already getting used to moving every day. Broilers will be ready to eat beginning in June, we have a brooder full of them and will have them available daily from June through early November. Our pigs are rooting in what then becomes our vegetable beds..and the peas, lettuce, spinach, carrots, radishes are sprouting. Apple trees are in full blossom and smell heavenly. The honey bees are busy flying from flower to flower..along with hundreds of other pollinators. We have eggs in abundance. Spring is here!!

I'll be attending the following events over the next week, and will have eggs and honey if you would like them. And the opportunity for you to order a side of beef, a heritage breed Thanksgiving turkey, an egg or chicken share.

EcoFest at Druid Hill Park, Saturday April 17
Earth Day at Irvine Nature Center, Sunday April 18
Earth Day event at GBMC, Thursday April 22

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Come visit, it is really looking like the farm now. Bring a picnic and we will lock up the geese so you can enjoy. And we have a guest room if you would like to use it! And acres for camping out..

Dru Peters
Sunnyside Farm
1865 York Rd
Dover PA 17315

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