Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today the sun is out, the air is mild and the ground is getting muddy. It is scheduled to be sunny for the next 5 days at minimum, and is resulting in a bee hive of activity here! Homer has set up in the basement of the house a seedling growing station. Plenty of grow lights and heating pads make for a warm and light filled spot for our tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. We are growing a variety of tomatoes this year: beefsteak, cherry and paste..4-5 named varieties of each. It is tough to have too many tomatoes, as we love to can, dry and eat fresh for as long as possible. Adam is here helping Homer get the greenhouse ready for the same plantings out there, then we will see the best spot for starting.
We decided it was important to clearly identify each variety we are growing. Homer picked up a bunch of 2x4's at the store, all were in the discard bin and cost close to nothing. He ripped them down to square, cut a pointed end and then painted them. We will add the names of everything we are growing so the they can be clearly marked and easily moved. It did not occur to me that a plant marker could be a work of beauty, but this certainly is!

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