Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13, 2010

Had wonderful farm visits this week! Tuesday Katie Maunz visited..a sunny, beautiful day! She helped repair the stockade fence, move the pig pen, cover the 40 yards of compost, and stack the feed delivery in the new feed bin Homer constructed. Such a sweetheart, lovely to have her visit.

And from my running in Rockville days, Charles Angelo, Nancy Jo Snyder and Charles' older brother Lou Angelo visited on Friday. Chilly, rainy and windy they braved the long walk to the greenhouse, moved chickens, pigs, collected eggs, dumped slop, fed bread..and then we had a wonderful lunch of just gathered eggs, along with onions, mushrooms, spinach and cheese. Homer here just in time for a bread delivery. Lots of stories and laughter with this crowd, how I love spending time with them, what a joy! Future party plans were better weather we hope!

Today is final tax paperwork for me. Homer is building the basement plant starting spot: we now have heating pads for under and grow lights for over the seed starting area. We will start some seeds (tomato, cucumber, pepper) here in the house and start the same in the unheated greenhouse under row covers and see which do better. And if all grow we will have lots of plants to get going!

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