Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010

All poultry remain in the greenhouse. There have been some chicken fights out there as the flocks are mingling. Cold and windy today, but the predicted snow has not happened. As the snow melts it would be good if the roof and gutters stay intact, as we have a lot to do thid year to prepare for the growing season. 10+ turkey pens need to be built, all of the chicken pens need to be reassembled, compost spread, seeds planted, watered, etc. C'mon warm weather!

This Friday we will talk to the 5th graders at Berkshire Elementary School about Sunnyside Farm. Also found out today we can register the name here in York County, and will file that paperwork today. Then go open a checking account, see about getting set up for taking charge cards, schedule appointment with accountant..

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