Sunday, July 27, 2014

if you visit us

We will put you to work! Weekdays or weekends, it does not matter to us there is always something that needs doing.

Marc visited years ago, and returned this week with Louise. They flew in from Denmark, rented a car, drove here and collected eggs. The next morning it was this:

The back of the truck was filled, walkways in the garden covered...there were meals too, and a fire in Homer's home made fire pit, and fire flies and now they are off to Boston. After Marc took care of all the morning chores. Seems that routine has not changed much since last visit in 2010, just like riding a bicycle.

Friday, July 25, 2014

not quite ripe

Last winter was brutal cold. At this time of year it is usually the opposite here: so hot and humid it is hard to breathe.

The sun is out and it is almost noon. The temperature is 70° and there is no humidity.

We wonder at the low end what these need, temperature wise, to ripen.

It seems like this year we might be testing the lower limits.

These too.

I'm under the impression high temperatures are needed. Time will tell.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

a full day

We had a full and productive day. Egg layer peepers, 200 of them, arrived on the farm. Bee sting between my toes. Wasp sting on Homer's hand. Chickens moved from field to fridge. Cattle, pigs, poultry, ducks, dogs and farmers watered and fed.

It was hot and humid. In the evening we took a quick drive (about 12 miles round trip) to the boat dock at Pinchot Park. Here on the farm we are closer to the back side of this 2,000+ acre state park, and have to travel to the spot where kayaks and canoes can be stored. This area provides quick access to the lake and no need to transport, as privately owned watercraft can be stored there.

As we walked the lake edge it was nice and cool. We watched a heron fly just above the water a long distance. And then I saw movement just out of the corner of my eye.

Homer circled back to retrieve the moving object. A crayfish!

That thing made me freak out! It feels and looks like a creature from a different time, like it forgot to evolve to something cute. It looks so similar to a scorpion, and since I was still puffy from my bee sting I needed no more adventure.

We picked it up (we?! Homer touched it, no way was I gonna do that) and placed on a kayak for a quick photo.

And then it was set back on the ground were it backed straight into the water at a high rate of speed.

Our intent in visiting was to investigate access and to remind ourselved to ask our friend Jeanne if we can borrow a kayak or canoe. Our schedule depends on weather and snafus. Its a challenge to know exactly when we will be able to go for a paddle. We've lived here for years and have not been out on this beautiful lake that is so close to the farm. Kinda busy when its warm and no desire when it is cold.

We have been out in other waterways on little boats before and it is always lovely. Just above the water, able to see what's traveling above and below. A nice way to spend a hot summer evening.


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