Sunday, May 22, 2016

shares commence!

We are starting our CSA shares. This year we offer two: eggs weekly. And flowers: 6 bouquets over 6 months, farmers choice.

Our egg production has been very steady. The hens are happy and producing at the rate they should be, and we have another 40 hens that should begin egg production in June. The shares that are purchased help us get through the winter when egg production wanes. Thankful for those that support us during the darkest time of the year!

Flowers. We started years ago adding flowers to our offerings. Each year we learn more. Last week I brought a beautiful bouquet to Towson, for delivery to the mother of our CSA member. In transport the container fell over, broke a bunch of stems, ran water no delivery. Today. We are determined to get to the nursing home and deliver this mix of iris, allium, cockle, bleeding heart, anemone and ferns. Wedged firmly this time there is no falling allowed...

Friday, April 15, 2016

moving pigs

We raise pigs here on the farm. Not many, and not quickly. It's takes us months to grow them out.

They start in a very solid mobile pen. 4 or 5 piglets that get moved all the time, until they are big enough to move the pen themselves.

Then they go into a paddock, behind electric fence. So much to dig up, tear into, chew down. It keeps them busy.

Until that spot is all cleared out.

Then it is time to relocate.

Into the trailer and across the farm.

To a spot that looks so overgrown to us, it would take us weeks and aching backs to clear this up.

Busy, happy pigs, tearing up a section of the farm that is too rough for cattle or poultry. Pigs doing what they love best.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


A few weeks ago we had sunny days and warm temperatures.

Then this weekend we had 60 mile per hour winds.

Our cow shade flew over a 4' fence and ended up in unplanted vegetable beds.

The landscape cloth came unbound and rolled into fences.

And a critter dug under a chicken pen and we had a few less than the day before.

So tonight, after way too many long days and nights, Homer was working with the light of the headlights.

Electric fence line, low to the ground, around the pens. Take that chicken eater. We are sleeping tonight.


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