Sunday, April 20, 2014

staying alive

We received a phone call thus week. "Neighbors have complained about our roosters making noise."

My standard answer is that yes, we will take a rooster if y'all don't mind that we put it into a slow cooker. Because we don't enjoy the noise either.

This tough guy has managed to make it several nights, outside the pens, with dogs and everything else. That is a rooster that might escape the slow cooker if it can help protect 400+ hens...

Friday, April 18, 2014

moving on

The peepers we received a few weeks ago are now ready to go outside. Sort of. If it weren't raining and sleeting.

This flock will lay eggs sometime this summer. They are out of the brooder and into a training pen: small with lots of roosts that are close to the ground. We will sort our current production hens, make certain they are laying and then move these in to replace the nonproductive hens. 

They love to get outside. Grass consumption just happens automatically.

Egg production is still months away. They have lots of growing to do first!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

one gone

We have hundreds of laying hens. Delicious eggs result.

There are dogs here to protect them.

How can we tell if the dogs are doing their jobs?

A pile of feathers in the morning right next to the egg layer pens?

Not a sight we want to see.

The green grass of early spring shows those white feathers from a distance. 

Now we plan a change in nighttime dog location.


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