Tuesday, May 5, 2015

in the woods

On the far side of the property, past the apple trees and the bramble maze, is a small woods with and old stacked stone wall.

It was filled with all sorts of things when we moved here. We keep clearing stuff out and uncovering more. Its like an agricultural archeological dig. As we remove layers older stuff is unearthed.

At this time of year all the moss is visible on the rocks.

And the may apples too.

Spring is here!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

signs of spring

We know its spring when the ducks start producing eggs. Its really spring when those eggs start hatching!

Today the first two eggs hatched.
And Jasmine, who is a true duckling lover, volunteered  to take care of the little cuties.

It was like we could hear her saying "pick me, pick me" with a smile we should not trust!

Baby ducklings and daffodils. It is most assuredly spring time now!

As the ducklings hatch, they will be moved to the brooder, where food, water and a short sided container with rocks in it allows them to splash about.

How do we know when they are ready to leave the brooder? They outgrow it, and need more room to move! Only takes a couple of weeks with ducks.

Monday, April 6, 2015


We looked at this dog today, and commented that she looks thinner than usual.

And Claire does not sneeze when Jasmine is around. All winter this dog caused that but no more.

Oh! She has shed her winter coat!

And using an empty chicken pen for shade.

Keeping cool, no worries.


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